KR Cup #2: By the Light!!

Wed 5th Jun 2019 - 8:22pm : Korea : Arena World Championship

Korean Cup #2 got underway quickly this past weekend June 1st after a rather lengthy 1st cup just a few weeks ago! Four teams were in the mix this time around, the return Gray and Bulldozer, along with Team Light and Wajae Bro who made their first appearance in the Korean region for the year. An exciting series of matches unfolded with everything from percision kills in the opener, to cross-kills, and even brushing the dust off an old favorite, double Death Knight! Be sure to check out all of the action over at our twitch video for the english broadcast or WarcraftKR on twitch for the Korean broadcast! 

Twitch: ResurgentESB [ENG]
Twitch: WarcraftKR

Bracket Results

KR Cup #3 is set to air in English at 1pm EST / 9am PDT June 23rd! Be sure to check out the comeptition as it's going to be a race to see who will be the only team to come out of the Korean region to play in the APAC Finals!

Resurgent ESB

Resurgent ESB

Resurgent ESB

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